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Weekend at Morgie’s

So this weekend was pretty cool. I spent the majority of it in bed doing the following…

Chatting and cuddling with T; Thinking/analysing things more than is necessarily healthy ; Writing To-Do Lists; Drinking Pop and Eating Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (we’ve started making them in a wee frying pan cause the toastie machine is buggered); Deciding on, then watching films (ie. Tron Legacy; Weekend at Bernie’s) or alternatively, watching episodes of TV Series (ie. Freaks and Geeks; Men of a Certain Age);

Also, sat about on my netbook laptop a lot… I decided to tidy it up, delete the useless shite and really get it organised, then I backed it all up - pretty pleased with that noteable achievement :p

Besides that I was mostly messing about online, either on Tumblr or other blogs…

I finished reading the Food + Gasoline Blog in it’s entirety - which is a Cooking & Touring Food Enthusiast blog brought to us by Brett Adams of the band 'The Riot Before';

And spent a long time looking at various Craft Blogs or tagged DIY/Craft related threads on Tumblr for inspirational ideas for upcycling and other wee projects - I saved a bunch of photo’s and links for reference too;

Otherwise, I was reading comic books…

I’ve been reading more issues of Garth Ennis’ The Boys comic-book series - think I’m up to #16 now - it’s really awesome!

I’ve also got ‘Powers’ and I’ve read a few issues but I got distracted so I’ll need to pick it up again soon [I heard there’s going to be a film at some point; not sure about the actress they’ve apparently cast as Pilgrim and I think it would’ve been better off as a TV series *shrugs*]

I tried Reese’s Pieces for the first time, they were okay, sorta like Smarties but with a peanutty aftertaste; I think I prefer the Peanut Butter Cups though.

So all in all, a pretty decent time was had :D

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