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To Arissa: Tumblr Mix Exchange

This is a wee public apology to ArissaBeck, my Tumblr Mix Exchange buddy, because I’m basically rubbish. I made her wait around for her Mix package and that’s just not something I take lightly; I’m not usually the kind of person to keep someone waiting unnecessarily *hangs head in shame* So apologies again.

I’ve had a lot going on in recent weeks and regardless of my major enthusiasm for swapping mix CD’s with peoples from out yonder, I didn’t think to prepare myself. Now that I’ve finally got my arse into gear and have made a CD plus cover, etc. (I admittedly did take a longish time over the tracklisting so perhaps I did overthink it *shrugs*) but it shall be on it’s way and will hopefully arrive soon!!

I popped a few other wee gifty things into my parcel too ;p Thanks for the hair barrettes and especially the wee brooches - love the dinosaurs! *grins* I have put the CD aside though because I didn’t want it to influence my decisions about the songs I chose but I’ll be listening to it soon! :D

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy everything :)

M xx

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pearlconcubine asked: Omg, we should so have a decluttering party! I love to declutter too, it's just getting started which is the problem. Once I get going I'm pretty quick through!

Then after we're done, it's Criminal Minds and pizza for all!! :D

This needs to happen one day *adds to Bucket List* :p Great idea! xx


PS. (@Warrengharding) Does Anyone Have A Leaky Rowboat or Better Yet A Private Jet? Then I can swish around the world from place to place making things all de-cluttered, organised and awesome. *fingers crossed* If I ever become a superhero that is what I’ll do for the world, I’ll tidy the fuck up :p

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itsgrrrlgerm asked: Aww I have that done :( And people cannn ask stuff if they add /ask at end of my blog url but theres nothng on my page that says "ask" or anything simple to click xx

Ah, reckoned you would have done that anyway but figured I’d just check anyway ;)

Well, in that case, it’s likely to be an issue with your theme, which just doesn’t have the link button included - like you said the actual ‘Ask’ page still exists cause Tumblr automatically makes one and sets one aside and the URL is: itsgirlgerm.tumblr.com/ask

So to easily get around it you could just post regular ‘link’ posts for people to click on or suppose the other option is a change of theme. Hope it works out for you :) xx

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fatsmeow asked: Aw, thank you so much! Such a sweet message. :) I would love to do a cartoon of you! If you could send me some photos I'll put you in my queue. It might be a while because I have a lot of work on my plate at the moment! But I promise I'll get to you as soon as I can!

No problem, lovie! I shall endeavour to pick out photos befitting such an occasion and I’ll send some soon :) Sooo excited - I’d wait until forever, even the anticipation will be enjoyable haha In the meantime I shall enjoy your posts and other examples of your work, good luck with everything else and take care *mwah* x

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Every time you post something I think I am more and more attracted you and your geekiness. Geeks will rule the world one day, this I promise.
One of the loveliest messages to ever grace my humble wee askbox *sighs* :) (seriously grinning so much, it’s almost indecent haha) x

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itwasfearofmyselfthatmademeodd asked: That's what I'm like but I'm a total hypocrite aha because I think you're vair pretty and you should accept it :)

Heehee, shucks mister, thanks… *grins* my immediate reaction was all bashful and reminded me of a gif - pretty sure it was the skunk called ‘Flower’, from Bambi, who’s all shy and hides amongst the posies *shrugs* it’s apparent that today is a day for thinking / explaining myself in vague cult references :/ haha x

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chunkymilk asked: Thanks! Haha... now I have to watch The Lookout so I can flip my shit when he says that line!

I haven’t watched it either so I’d like to at some point :) I just did a google search ;) I like answering miscellaneous questions haha, and yes, I am THAT weird :/ *hides* xx

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itwasfearofmyselfthatmademeodd asked: Haha if you say so! I refuse to believe it. But thank you :B

Tbh I’m exactly the same with compliments, obviously I like them and I cherish them :p but I retain a large quantity of disbelief and the more I receive them from the someone, the more I consider their perspective could just be warped haha x

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ilikeprettyclothes asked: Thank you for the kind words, sweetheart! <3

No problem lady, you deserve ‘em! :D xx

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titsandhostility asked: Thanks girl!! How have you been? I feel like I've been so far away from Tumblr for the past couple weeks I have no idea what's going on in everyone's lives :) Hope you're well xo

I’m doing pretty well actually, thanks for asking sweetie :D Yups, I’ve been posting a little more often and checking my dash about every five-ten minutes each day haha (addicted?) so you’ve been missed *hugs* Rest up xx

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itsgrrrlgerm asked: Haha see my cupcakes, youre filthy! :P jokesies! Ohh i love meringe icing! I have posted a few on here theyre never AMAZING but I love em haha xx

heres most recent! http://itsgirlgerm.tumblr.com/post/3471282297/cupcakes-i-made-today-for-a-customer-white-choc

They look awesome, Sweetie! I love coming up with ideas for combos and themes; my sister bakes cupcakes a lot too but I’m planning on using my creativity to make themed jewellery, then I’ll work on opening an Etsy shop :D And, oh yeah, I can be filthy *shrugs* but you’re gorgeous, can’t resist it haha :p *mwah* Take it easy, Cupcake Queen xx

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itsgrrrlgerm asked: Awww thanks for the hug :D I got more tea so all is well in the world again haha x

Yey! :D I discovered a while back that Assam is my favourite type of everyday tea and also that Scottish water is the best for a cuppa, English water is much rougher :/ it’s bizarre but true (honest) - mmm cup of tea would be lovely. xx

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-mandie-deactivated20110320-dea asked: Thanks, dear. Glad you liked it. Though if I may ask, how was it humbling? I know you said "somehow" which gives me the impression you didn't know, lol, but I am curious.

No problem hon, um, I suppose I didn’t know entirely but in retrospect I think because everything was so descriptive, like natural poetry. There was an example, that some experiences and moments have atmospheres; a nostalgia about them that makes you feel warm and as if there’s something bigger at work. Then you’re humbled because you’re allowed to look through that window into another life, as if things happen of their own accord sometimes and you don’t always have control, it appears we’re less significant than the changes that need to occur, and I think the mystery in those feelings is something to be grateful for :) [Don’t know if that makes sense (?) that’s as good as my explanation gets haha] Anyways, hope all is well, take care xx

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-mandie-deactivated20110320-dea asked: MISS MORGAN. I've read your entries (which I should update mine, lol, so lazy) but I've not spoken to you in a while. :] I really enjoyed your fictional (i think that's right?) geek crush posts. I didn't know about half of them! Lol. How are you, my dear?

Hey Cherrypie, Hows it going? I’m grand, thank you for asking and thanks also for reading and messaging. Yeah, I’ve been blogging a bit more lately; I have a whole bunch of lists and posts as ‘works in progress’ :) I like to keep up to date with your blog too so I’ll look forward to any updates *hugs* take care, M xx

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thirrdeye asked: I think I am gonna get the top corset c:

I’ve always fancied getting a corset but they’re not too practical and I guess I’m a casual basics kinda girl at heart, just can’t get me outta printed tees and jeans :p haha But I still usually check out the range on corsets-uk.com there are some really cool and/or pretty ones :D Post photos when you’ve got yours, I’d love to see! xx

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