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Weekend at Morgie’s

So this weekend was pretty cool. I spent the majority of it in bed doing the following…

Chatting and cuddling with T; Thinking/analysing things more than is necessarily healthy ; Writing To-Do Lists; Drinking Pop and Eating Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (we’ve started making them in a wee frying pan cause the toastie machine is buggered); Deciding on, then watching films (ie. Tron Legacy; Weekend at Bernie’s) or alternatively, watching episodes of TV Series (ie. Freaks and Geeks; Men of a Certain Age);

Also, sat about on my netbook laptop a lot… I decided to tidy it up, delete the useless shite and really get it organised, then I backed it all up - pretty pleased with that noteable achievement :p

Besides that I was mostly messing about online, either on Tumblr or other blogs…

I finished reading the Food + Gasoline Blog in it’s entirety - which is a Cooking & Touring Food Enthusiast blog brought to us by Brett Adams of the band 'The Riot Before';

And spent a long time looking at various Craft Blogs or tagged DIY/Craft related threads on Tumblr for inspirational ideas for upcycling and other wee projects - I saved a bunch of photo’s and links for reference too;

Otherwise, I was reading comic books…

I’ve been reading more issues of Garth Ennis’ The Boys comic-book series - think I’m up to #16 now - it’s really awesome!

I’ve also got ‘Powers’ and I’ve read a few issues but I got distracted so I’ll need to pick it up again soon [I heard there’s going to be a film at some point; not sure about the actress they’ve apparently cast as Pilgrim and I think it would’ve been better off as a TV series *shrugs*]

I tried Reese’s Pieces for the first time, they were okay, sorta like Smarties but with a peanutty aftertaste; I think I prefer the Peanut Butter Cups though.

So all in all, a pretty decent time was had :D

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ElfStarAnymore (via InnerFatGirl): How You Shop When You Are Poor.


I had to put this behind a cut because it’s way long for Tumblr, but I really hope you’ll read it because I think it’s a very important post.

I started discussing this a little bit here, but I wanted to expand on the idea of how shopping on a very tight budget works, because obviously some people have no idea. I will add the caveat that this is how shopping was done in my family, by which I mean shopping with food stamps for a family with no dietary restrictions, with access to a car, and in a rural area of the U.S. Obviously each family’s needs are different and that is why food prescriptivism - which, remember, is a form of body policing - is fucked up.

Read More


Coincidentally, a lot of my own shopping habits mirror many of the points and explanation made in this post. I think a lot of people look down on the general diet of a low income household because they think they likely just eat crap because they’re lazy and/or ‘don’t know any better’, sure in some cases it may be true, but most of the time people in that situation are just trying to do the best they can given the obvious restrictions. I just think we all need to consider and be aware of our own individual privileges in relation to the issue of surviving on a low income.

I think, people who are fairly skint, but still want to eat a varied diet, generally end up having to put a lot more thought into their shopping decisions than people with money because for some people every penny counts and it can be exhausting! I carefully calculate our monthly budget and take time to work out where our money is going, how it can stretch to feed us for a month and it can be really disheartening sometimes.

So yeah,  I think it’s an interesting topic, maybe read the aforementioned post if you think so too.

(via heavymuffintop)

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GeeksAreSexy.Net Post: Pizza Hut's 'Double Roll Pie'

Someone posted a ‘Pizza Rolls Instructions’ Pic and I googled images cause I was intrigued; I’m pretty sure we don’t have those here in Scotland, I wish we did though :( I could try making them but it’s maybe not the same.

Anyways, it reminded me of this post I once read on GeekAreSexy.Net - which btw is an awesome blog I keep up with and you should too! Check this post, it’s cool but odd and strangely terrifying too haha

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Online Grocery Shopping @ ASDA

Back in the day, when we first moved into the flat we tried jumping on a bus and going to the supermarket - big no-no, it’s pure unfiltered madness; being in the shop is horrible, there are screaming children, and queues, you see things right in front of you and you want them but can’t take time to reason with yourself, there’s no running total in front of you to help you decide whether to put things back, you have to compromise on what you buy because you’re going to have to carry it all home, getting on the bus and finding space to put your bags and trying to keep them steady is a nightmare so for a proper shop, it’s a total no go.

So now I do our shopping online at Asda.co.uk and it’s a regular fixture in our monthly routine. We use Asda for our Big shop, it works out best for almost everything except - Milk, Dairy in general, Fizzy Pop, and Freezer stuff all work out cheaper at Farmfoods, which thankfully is very local. But Lidl or Aldi can be a good alternative for those things too if there’s one in the vicinity (usually if I’m with my parents or in Livingston, I get a chance to pop into either, which makes a nice change).

There have been a few occasions of fuck-uppery on Asda’s part over the years, sometimes they arrived much later/earlier than the delivery time or they left items out of our order, substituted with daft alternatives or occasionally without listing the change for approval; Also, last winter, they just cancelled our order without telling us because of the snow (was not impressed). It’s to be expected though, the number of times they get it completely spot-on, or we benefit from a change, outweighs the bad times.

Plus a bunch of times they’ve ended up giving us some extra bags of items - which is interesting and all sorts of awesome but a shame for the people who didn’t get it; but hey, it’s the company’s mistake *shrugs* the other people will get new items or a refund, the delivery/packing department learns a lesson and improves their methods/service over time so everyone wins! haha ;)

A few times we tried Tesco because their site used to be better than Asda’s but it worked out more expensive and I’m more familiar with Asda products so with that we stuck :)

I think in general the positive surpasses the negative when it comes to ordering grocery shopping online. For example: You can do it in bed, while eating something brilliant, whilst lounging about on the sofa watching a film, in your pants or pj’s, listening to music and singing at the top of your lungs… you can save it and come back to it later once you’ve mulled it over, you can keep a list of favourites or copy your last order for quickness, you can so easily avoid the sections and items that tempt you, you can choose quite specific delivery slots, the delivery costs the same or less than it would for bus fares or likely for fuel, you don’t have to worry about ruining some shelf-stackers day by putting something back (when you’re in the store you’d probably just put it somewhere out of place - bad karma - or retrace your steps *rolls eyes*). And did I mention you don’t have to go outside *jumps around excitedly* plus you still get to do the putting away, which is a bit I sort of like.

One of the downsides is it can take quite a long time especially if you’re hungry or easily distracted by new products, special offers and flashy banners but still I’m certain the results are more satisfying than the alternative of physically going shopping. If you haven’t tried it then give it a shot,


All of the above was merely a symptom of my desire to mention a new product from Asda which I recently tried and happen to really like.

My Nutella had been sitting so long it had gone kinda hard so when I did the I wanted to replace it but I think it usually costs too much, so I thought I’d try this for a change. I’m honestly addicted! I’ve nearly finished the whole jar on my own; mostly on bread, bagels or toast, but it’d be good on rich tea biscuits or digestives too. It’s only £1.18 for a jar. But I noticed there are other kinds too so I might try them as well. Look see:


Also, here are a few other Asda own brand products that I really like :)

Asda Gammon Joint with Honey (£4 now but until recently was 2 for £6) and Fresh Cheddar Mash £1.50 (alternatively plain mash is only £1) - makes a fantastic and filling meal for two!


If you’re like us and eat cereal at any time of the day or night then I recommend Asda Choco Snaps - seriously, they’re similar too but imo better than Coco Pops (I have compared), they’re not as crunchy and I think they just taste better.


Not as good as Pepsi but better than Coca Cola, again that’s in my own opinion; maybe it’s better because it’s only £2 for four 2ltr bottles.


Also, I know this may be dubious pick but I really like Asda Smartprice tinned Ravioli, it’s actually 35p now. I usually hold the lid down and drain away some of the tomato sauce, then pour it into a bowl and heat in the microwave - great with a toasted bagel or maybe sprinkle a wee bit grated cheese over the top. I think it’s better than the more expensive brands because there’s more pasta and less meat.


I know, it’s a bit of a weird thing to blog about but I never claimed to be ‘normal’ and I do have a tendency to over-think and/or analyse things which most people wouldn’t give much thought to - Sorry folks, it’s just the way I’m made :p

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Recipe: Cheesy Bacon Rolls

I was inspired by a trip to Greggs, where they do Cheese & Bacon Wraps, which are similar in that they’re a bigger version of these; I wanted to make them at home, and I did, but then thought a mini version would be even better.

Amazing Geek-Out Munchies: takes hardly any time at all, they can be kept and eaten cold, no cutlery required. For Bacon fuelled days in, watching films/tv or playing video games. **Warning: These are so addictive!**


[Makes Approx. 16]


Block of Puff Pastry

Pack of Back Bacon  (Need Four Rashers)

Grated Cheddar

Beaten Egg (for Glazing)



Roll the pastry out flat until it’s a big thin sheet (probably no more than a cm or two thick). Divide / Slice the pastry into approx. 16 separate rectangles.

Cut the tails of the bacon rashers and any fat off - then slice each rasher into six wee squares.

Lay a little grated cheese into the middle of each rectangle of pastry, then add a couple of squares of bacon on top then another wee drop of cheese.

Fold the edges of the pastry up over the filling and seal them together; same as you’d do with sausage rolls.

Once you’ve rolled and sealed all of the pastries up, take the beaten egg and brush, smear or spread it over the top of the pastry rolls to glaze.

Then lift each pastry and place it on a baking sheet, lined with greaseproof paper and bake in the oven for twenty minutes on a medium-high heat.

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Recipe: Cheesy Carbonara Potato Bake

Nothing special but I sorta invented this tonight, T & I made it… it turned out pretty damn well :D so *shrugs* smiles all round; here’s the recipe if you want to give it a shot :p



Tub of Carbonara / Four Cheese Sauce

Handful of Mushrooms (or One Jumbo Mushroom)

Two Rashers of Bacon

Two Baking Potatoes (Average Size)

Handful of Peas / Sweetcorn / Broccoli (Optional)

Cheese: Grated Cheddar &/or Mozzerella

Two Packs of Ready Salted Crisps

Tomato (Optional)



Peel & Slice Potatoes then Slice Mushrooms, Bacon & Tomato.

Mix Chopped Vegetables & Bacon Pieces with the Creamy Sauce.

Layer the Potato Slices in a Casserole Dish with the Sauce Mixture.

Once all Potato & Sauce is Layered into Dish, Sprinkle Half of the Grated Cheese over the top.

Crush the Packets of Crisps & Spread the Crunchy Crumb Topping across the Potato & Cheese Base.

Complete, by adding the last of the Cheese and Slices of Tomato.

Cover with Kitchen Foil Lid & Bake for 40 Mins at Medium-High Heat; Then Remove Foil Covering & Bake for a Further 10-15 Mins until Golden Brown.

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Sex of the Mouth by Bacon & Egg Sandwich.

I know I’ve not been around for a while, being sick and all, but I’m starting to feel a bit better and considered, upon my return, writing a blogpost of epic proportions… however, due to unforeseen circumstance, I must share this with you instead and recommence my blogging related activities.

I just had the best bacon and egg sandwich ever, EVER! It was surprising because it was just ordinary white bread, although it is very fresh *shrugs*, two rashers of bacon and an egg, done in a wee pan; maybe it’s because I cooked the egg in the bacon grease? maybe it’s because it’s been such a long time since I’ve had the classic combo of bacon meets egg? so who knows? but I will say this, it was sexual.

So now, I consider my options, do I try again for another in the near future or do I recognise this for what it was, the miracle of right time, right place, right ingredients… = excellent sandwich.

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I ♥ Toasties!

I was visiting my ‘Rents and Sibs, stayed over Friday night and came home yesterday evening; late afternoon we all had toasties because none of us had really eaten and today I’m having a couple of toasties for my tea.

I think their genius is under appreciated, as there are so many fillings combo’s you can have.

What’s more, though I think they taste best if you cook them in a sandwich toaster / toastie machine, you can always make them on a ‘George Forman’ type health-grill or a panini press and somehow each method makes the product taste different, same with cheese on toast and toast with sliced cheese on it, or Quesadillas (flour tortilla with fillings toasted in a pan), all manage to taste different from each other. (Eggs seem to have a similar ability; scrambled, fried, omelette, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled… they all taste different).

My favourite fillings for toasties are:

The Classics - Cheese or Cheese and Ham.

The Basic Breakfast - Bacon and/or Sausage with Cheese.

The Lunchtime Wonder - Tuna and Sweetcorn with Cheese, Last Nights Left-over Fajita Chicken with Cheese, Smoked Sausage and Cheese (a recent discovery).

The Pre-determined Munchies - Meatballs in A Tomato Sauce with Cheese, Pizza Toastie (Cheese, Tomato Sauce/Puree, Miscellaneous Pizza Toppings).

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'…but in my sight, I saw the tables turning…'

So I spent most of the night, last night, reading; I’ve almost finished the third Anita Blake novel, so I’ll have to go back to the library to pick up another one… or a few :p I managed to read a graphic novel and two fiction paperbacks since Wednesday; not a great feat tbh but considering the amount of stuff I’ve done besides that *shrugs* it’s a bit of an achievement :) Yeah, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am cause I was so engrossed by the book and….

When I woke this morning at around ten, I wrote a ‘To Do’ List, with the optimistic thinking that I’d manage to work my way through some of it throughout the day… *blinks*… naaaah!

I got a call from my Mum at around half eleven; she told me she was still at work but had taken a half day and needed to borrow me for something, so I had a half hour to get dressed and grab a bite to eat, then she arrived to pick me up. In the car she explained that there’s a job she’s interested in applying for and she just doesn’t know how to approach writing a cover letter so she needed my help; she took us to Livingston, to my ‘Rents house and we did it on the PC there. It took quite a while cause my Mum and I ended up having a chat and then when I was done the printer was being a douchebag (the heads were kinda gunged up cause it’s hardly ever used or maintained), I fixed it though. Then after my Mum and Dad had foisted a bunch of much-appreciated food items on me (for those who care: egg noodles, jar of pasta bake sauce, two tins of tuna, cock-a-leekie soup, kraft cheesy pasta, two bananas, and a bag of oven chips) they brought me home.

My Sister, Ruth, came along for the ride and we had a really good chat, sitting in the back seat - subjects covered: her work, my unemployment, her health-kick, my current exploration of fat-acceptance, her getting a tattoo of cherry blossoms on her foot and the fact she wants to use some of my lyrics on it… yeah… wow. I know. It sorta choked me up a bit when she asked me to send her a copy of them so she could choose a line or something.

Oh yeah, and my Mum gave me a tenner for helping with everything, sure, I said not to but she did that typical reaction thing and just gave me it back. I admit I felt really good because I was capable of helping, also because I had the ability to do something that my Mum didn’t, which is rare cause she knows how to do all sorts…. seriously, she’s super-mum. I also appreciated the confidence she had in me and when my Dad read everything over, he too, said it was really good (but in a nonchalant dad way haha) Uh huh, so that was my day pretty much gone; it was an ‘aw tae cock’ day :p

But tomorrow I’ve got an interview set up for 11.30am, it’s for a sort of job (yup, ‘sort of job’ immediately inspires confidence haha) as a ‘Music Scout’ for Unsigned Agency. I’m half hoping something more will come of it, that I’ll maybe get something in the A&R (Artist and Repertoire) Department, something more permanent *shrugs* but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

In the afternoon, 3.30pm to be exact, I’ve got to sign on at the Jobcentre; I bloody hate it there, everyone is suspicious of you and untrusting, they always believe the worst. Last time I was there, I asked to borrow the advisors pen to sign a letter, seeing as he had one in his hand I thought nothing of it, but he put it away in his pocket, grabbed a hold of his support walker (he happens to have a disability, something to do with motor function in his limbs, I reckon) and shuffled for two minutes across to the adjacent desk to cadge a tiny wee plastic one off his colleague, thus lengthening the entire process by about four minutes in total :/ Really, do I look so hard up that I’d steal pens unnecessarily? *sighs*


Speaking of which, here’s OOTD :p

Yeah, no head… my hair needs washed *shrugs* what-of-it? haha - Also quality isn’t great cause I’m still in the process of choosing a camera to buy with the money my Grandad left me. But it’s only me so you’re not missing out on much ;)

Jumper - Batman Logo Cotton Jumper £10 @ Primark (Guys Section)

Watch - Purple Plastic Sport-Style Watch - (Christmas Gift) by Identity London

Jeans - Grey ‘Bling’ Straight Leg Jeans £32 @ Evans

Trainers - Etnies Skateshoes in Black/Hot Pink £25 @ eBay


I’m really going to give this Fatshion February thing a proper go :) I’ll probably not have too many exciting or changeable outfits for a while cause a lot of days I don’t go out and my wardrobe is a bit devoid of clothing atm - infact, I could always take pics of everything for a page-post; there I go again, me and my bloody lists!

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Pizza Dresses

I want a pizza dress!! I want to be a hot, thick slice of tasty :p 

And if people don’t like it and say ‘you could do without the extra calories’, I’ll say fuck you haters, kiss my pizza wrapped booty!!  



Had a chat with Tracy of Domino Dollhouse on Twitter today that went like this:

Chubble Bubble (in response to my pissing and moaning about tomatoes):
 We need tomato themed bras with pizza panties.

Me:WE SO DO! Good thing one of us owns a clothing line

Chubble Bubble:
If people seriously would wear them, I would have NO problem. Pizza dress? Put out the word.

SOOOO I feel silly for even asking this but,

How many of you hot babes want pizza dresses???

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alexaahh-deactivated20110206 asked: I just saw your post on DD^. and I love you! Thank you sooo much for the comment!! It's not too hard to eat balanced, but I'm usually a night snacker so when it's like 8 or 9pm I;m just like "ooh, I should munch" haha so I'm working on not munching late at night.

I <3 You Too! *grins* and yups, I know what that’s all about :p During the day I’m never as fussed about food but for some reason my brain goes haywire at night and my appetite seems to creep up out of the shadows haha Speaking of which… *scampers off in search of munchies* xx

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-mandie-deactivated20110320-dea asked: Savoury all day every day. Mac and cheeze is THE BEST. OMG. <3333

Aceness! Me too, Savoury all the way :p Also *giggles* Please note today’s bizarre post :p *hugs* Hope you have a good day x

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