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'DC = Disconnected?' aka 'It's a guy thing'

It seems DC just isn’t done pissing me off today! I was, perhaps naively, really looking forward to the alternative possibilities the announced DC Relaunch provided and being able to regularly pick up issues as and when they’re released - which admittedly is something new to me because I only really started exploring the world of comics over the past couple of years and admittedly download, read and store, a lot more graphic novels and comic series on my laptop (although in the future I intend to do my damndest to actually own a lot of these in print).

Now I know how pissed I am that the people I love, fictional as they may be, are being fucked with and altered to their detriment but I feel heartsick for long-term fans who’re disappointed with the peeks at what is yet to come. Earlier today I checked out a whole bunch of the Relaunch Costume Redesigns via a ComicsAlliance.com Group Discussion Article (link). I agreed with a whole lot of the groups commentary because they mimic a lot of my own opinions on the outfits; as I believe, not only do the changes not really reflect the base personalities of the characters as we know them but there also seem to be fundamental issues with the overall look of the outfits.

I think I was most pissed off about what I like to call ‘the new and far removed, slutty Harley’ but then I suppose this quoted information featured in the Bleeding Cool DC Roadshow Article (link) explains it all…

The target audience are men age 18 to 34 though they do realize that they have readers in other demographics.

So… if they realise it, what’s their excuse for blatantly shutting the rest of us out? they’re going to openly admit to focusing their attentions on what is an implied preferred audience and to hell with the rest; girls, it just seems like we’re not even worth considering *sighs* I just can’t even….

Ignoring my bias interest, I can honestly say that is a shitty business decision; you know there are additional fans out there who want your products, who have parted with their hard earned cash to purchase said products in the past and in doing so have basically aided in financially supporting this here relaunch but instead of adapting what appears to be a narrow-focused nay socially outdated marketing direction, you’ve opted to alienate anyone outside of that demographic by basically saying they’re not important enough to even consider when decision making.

Well fuck you DC, you can suck my dick!


P.S. Don’t even get me started on how closed-off and inconsiderate the video games industry can also be. Seriously, what are we girls? chopped liver? I think not! *kicks a door down* [I don’t know why, it just seemed appropriate]

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