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To Reblog or Not to Reblog? (Another-Interweb-Scrapbook)

Hey :)

I’ve not really been blogging here on G-C-U for a while not because I’ve been caught up with my other Tumblog : Another-Interweb-Scrapbook. [Link Works, Hopefully] :p

I don’t have much to report at the moment, shut away in my flat with T, keeping myself entertained, getting on with recurring chores and enduring the mundanity of everyday life plus reading comics and books, watching TV Series and Films, writing lists and faffing on the interwebs, etc.

Although my other blog isn’t primarily a Craft/DIY blog, a lot of posts in relation to that sort of thing have been really well received and even featured, which is kinda cool :D 

I thought I might reblog some of those posts to share them with everyone following me here too. So here goes…

P.S. Maybe check out my new blog if you like what you see - it’s a Scrapblog, so I mainly post pictures and/or gifs of various things and write some little tagline or journalling related to the topic underneath. Whereas G-C-U is more like my diary/my journal - I’m just too distracted to write in it a lot of the time haha ;p

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Weekend at Morgie’s

So this weekend was pretty cool. I spent the majority of it in bed doing the following…

Chatting and cuddling with T; Thinking/analysing things more than is necessarily healthy ; Writing To-Do Lists; Drinking Pop and Eating Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (we’ve started making them in a wee frying pan cause the toastie machine is buggered); Deciding on, then watching films (ie. Tron Legacy; Weekend at Bernie’s) or alternatively, watching episodes of TV Series (ie. Freaks and Geeks; Men of a Certain Age);

Also, sat about on my netbook laptop a lot… I decided to tidy it up, delete the useless shite and really get it organised, then I backed it all up - pretty pleased with that noteable achievement :p

Besides that I was mostly messing about online, either on Tumblr or other blogs…

I finished reading the Food + Gasoline Blog in it’s entirety - which is a Cooking & Touring Food Enthusiast blog brought to us by Brett Adams of the band 'The Riot Before';

And spent a long time looking at various Craft Blogs or tagged DIY/Craft related threads on Tumblr for inspirational ideas for upcycling and other wee projects - I saved a bunch of photo’s and links for reference too;

Otherwise, I was reading comic books…

I’ve been reading more issues of Garth Ennis’ The Boys comic-book series - think I’m up to #16 now - it’s really awesome!

I’ve also got ‘Powers’ and I’ve read a few issues but I got distracted so I’ll need to pick it up again soon [I heard there’s going to be a film at some point; not sure about the actress they’ve apparently cast as Pilgrim and I think it would’ve been better off as a TV series *shrugs*]

I tried Reese’s Pieces for the first time, they were okay, sorta like Smarties but with a peanutty aftertaste; I think I prefer the Peanut Butter Cups though.

So all in all, a pretty decent time was had :D

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