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Audio-Blog 1.0

Me… nervously rambling on a progressive tangent about a few things that have been on my mind lately.

Including, life being a bit of a downer sometimes, friends or lack thereof, being a compulsive shut-in, miscellaneous projects I need to get on with and my need to motivate myself to sort my shitey life out.

I’m obviously much more comfortable with typing because I think I come across as less of a tool that way :/ really not sure why I did this (whimsy?).

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The Murder City Devils
364 Days

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Four.

A Song That Makes You Feel Sad.

‘364 Days’ by Murder City Devils


How can this NOT make you feel like crying your wee heart out? This song is anathema. It’s about Santa Claus, he’s stuck by us for years and been a focal point of all our childhoods - he who is ignored and lives a lonely existence until we call on him at that one time of year, when we want him for ourselves, for our slave :( Brilliantly written. It seems to convey an amazing cocktail of bittersweet and melancholic emotions through a filter of despair.

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Tsunami Bomb
A Lonely Chord

30 Day Song Challenge - Day Two (Belated).

A Song That Won’t Get Out of Your Head Today (Technically Yesterday).

‘A Lonely Chord’ by Tsunami Bomb


I love this song; there isn’t much more to it than that. I also really love this band, who are sadly no more, and this is my favourite of all their albums; Agent M, really influenced me when I was a teen and was a bit of iconic for me.

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30 Day Song Challenge - Day One.

A Song You Like At The Moment.

'Lipstick' by Lemuria


I chose this song because I haven’t listened to them in a wee while and I totally love their ‘Get Better’ album. I’ve had those songs on my mind today and Lipstick seemed to stay with me; it always gives me this bittersweet instinctual feeling, sort of melancholic and nostalgic for something that I can’t entirely connect with. It makes me think of kissing girls but it isn’t sexual, it’s just the warmth and emotion behind it and sometimes the longing. The awareness and admission, the acceptance of the despair, disappointment and emptiness that’s come hand in hand with sexual/romantic/emotional relationships with people within my own gender. Yup, it’s a puzzler.

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Screaming Blue Murder
Hybrid Moments

Not a clue why I’m posting this… suppose I just felt like sharing it - recorded this song with SBM as a warm up, to set levels and such, we didn’t know it was being set-down/recorded though *shrugs* I like that it’s so rough, which for me is strange because I’m a bit of a perfectionist - It’s a Misfits cover and like the original it has a sort of raw grainy sound; I think it turned out okay :)

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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Anberlin - There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Cover - Orig. The Smiths)

Awesome cover and I’d probs say, in my opinion, this is better than the original but *shrugs*  no matter either way cause The Smiths brought the tune :D

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