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To Reblog or Not to Reblog? (Another-Interweb-Scrapbook)

Hey :)

I’ve not really been blogging here on G-C-U for a while not because I’ve been caught up with my other Tumblog : Another-Interweb-Scrapbook. [Link Works, Hopefully] :p

I don’t have much to report at the moment, shut away in my flat with T, keeping myself entertained, getting on with recurring chores and enduring the mundanity of everyday life plus reading comics and books, watching TV Series and Films, writing lists and faffing on the interwebs, etc.

Although my other blog isn’t primarily a Craft/DIY blog, a lot of posts in relation to that sort of thing have been really well received and even featured, which is kinda cool :D 

I thought I might reblog some of those posts to share them with everyone following me here too. So here goes…

P.S. Maybe check out my new blog if you like what you see - it’s a Scrapblog, so I mainly post pictures and/or gifs of various things and write some little tagline or journalling related to the topic underneath. Whereas G-C-U is more like my diary/my journal - I’m just too distracted to write in it a lot of the time haha ;p

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