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Score! *Do You Wear/Want Size 3 Shoes?*

My Mum’s been car-booting recently and so she was clearing out cupboards and the attic, etc. She’s let me have a snoop at some of the stuff she’s been unable to sell or was considering to send to womens refuge/charity shops and such.

As many of you may or may not know, I’m very skint atm and so I don’t have much in the way of expendable income for luxury items. So when my Mum let me have a shufty at the stuff she’s rooted out I was pretty pleased to grab me a variety of awesome Boots 17 and Avon Brand Make-Up brushes, a few Avon lipliners in neutral tones, some power cable labels (v. useful!) and I rescued my Buffy Board Game *gasps* it’s in mint condish, can’t believe she was going to get rid :/


Also, if anyone wears a size 3 shoe, is footwear daft and/or loves heels, please give me a shout cause my little sister (19) is looking to get rid of a pair of cute camo Vans skateshoes, some Rocket Dog boots and a whole lot of different heels - obvs. we’d be asking for the postage and maybe a small fee depending on the shoes but they’re mostly barely worn, the soles look pretty much untouched so please, give me a shout if you’re interested and I’ll post pics if there are any takers :D

Cheers, M x

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