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More Jar Upcyling Ideas (Click Here for Previous Post)

Keep those empty jars, they can be reused and upcycled! 

Suggestion: Perhaps paint the front with a little chalkboard paint to make a changeable label surface [See Above: Chalkboard Label Storage Jars Pic] or paint the exterior surface with glass paints to show a decorative label. You could also spray paint or brush paint the lid to make it more uniform/colourful or to cover any unwanted text/designs. Alternatively, You could paint your jar to give it a tinted transparent finish by using a mixture of PVA Glue with a few drops of your preferred food colouring - the painted glass will look opaque when wet but will dry to a lovely transparent sheen :) [See Above: Tinted-Transparent Glass Paint Pic]

You could use your jar decorated jar for storing embellishments, button badges and brooches, jewellery findings, buttons, bobbins, paperclips, for a pencil holder… the possibilities are almost endless. You can also use them for baking (Click Here for Recipe Post)!

Here are a few other crafty suggestions:

Knitting Wool/Yarn Dispenser - Take a wide neck lidded jar (Paint the lid of your jar in advance if required), then punch a hole [going inwards] in the centre of the lid and make it just a little bigger than the thickness of your average wool type so it won’t snag (if you like sand/file down the excess metal from the lid-hole; stuff your ball of wool inside the jar, thread the end of the wool through the hole, inside to out, then pop the lid onto the jar and ta-da your own homemade wool dispenser; hopefully that’ll stop your wool getting in a tangle too! :D [See Above: Knitting Wool Dispenser Pic]

Pin Pot with Pincushion - Take a shorter mid-sized or smaller lidded jar and fill it with dress making pins; take a piece of scrap material and make sure it is roughly the same size as the lid of your jar with some excess - sit the material in the jar lid design down and fill it quite tightly with some dried beans, lentils or similar - then add a piece of rounded cardboard, making sure it’s just slightly smaller than the lid itself, press this ontop of the filling and pull the material around it securing everything inside then sew the material together as if you would when making a tiny bean bag. [Click Here for a more Indepth Pincushion Tutorial] You could glue/stick the cushion to the lid of the jar or alternatively you could pop an opposing velcro strip on the lid and cushion so it can be detached. There you have it! [See Above: Pin Pot with Pincushion Pic]

Pump-Jar Dispenser - Pre-decorate, paint or label your jar - remember to only paint this one externally. Take a dispenser pump from a cheap, old or empty liquid soap bottle and get a hold of a large or tall lidded glass jar; the size or height of jar you need for this will depend on the length of the pump you’re going to use. The pump straw will ideally reach to the bottom of the jar without being too tight against it or bent to the side; trim it down to the right length if needs be but remember not to make it too short :p To fit the pump to the lid, first use the straw of the pump to pierce a piece of paper or card then draw around the top/thickest part of the pump, which will later rest against your jar-lid. This will make a stencil which you can cut out and use as a guide on the lid when you punch the hole for the mechanism to fit in. Make the hole smaller to start with then work it up to the right size; you could use a drill for this or just give it some elbow grease with a screwdriver ;) Additionally, if you like, once this is done, you could file or sand down any rough edges or excess from the hole. Now pop your mechanism in/onto the lid with the stalk sitting inside the jar, screw the lid top on and check the overall fit. Once you’re satisfied, take some super glue / strong adhesive and adhere the wide rim of the pump body to the lid top; hold this with downward pressure for a while as it sets to give it a helping hand then leave it to sit. If you leave the glue to set overnight the next day it will definitely be secure enough for you to use once you’ve filled the jar with your product of choice. [Click here for more Indepth Instructions] and [See Above: Pump-Jar Soap Dispenser Pic]

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