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Four Jar Upcycling Ideas

Recently I’ve come across a few different tutorials and/or suggestions of how to re-purpose glass jars so I started collecting a variety and hope to try a couple of the following options myself.

Painted & Embossed Design - Using a hot glue gun, write on or decorate the outside of the jar with a pattern then let the glue set for a while. Once it’s fully dried and the glue has solidly adhered to the jar, paint the whole exterior of the jar. Now you can use your decorated jar for storage or as a makeshift vase :)

Lace Covered Storage - Alternatively, take your jar and buff it til it shines, then take a piece of lace and/or doily material fold or wind it around the jar, securing in place with well spaced glue dots (using hot glue gun). You could additionally tie a coloured ribbon around the whole middle of the jar or around the neck for extra flourish. Now you have a vintage inspired storage or candle-holder jar :)

A Small Terranium - [A terrarium is a miniature landscape with living plants] Make sure your jar has a wide enough neck to put your hand in or at least to allow you to reach in with your fingers.  Besides the jar itself, you’ll need: some potting soil, some plants, small bag of stones or pebbles for the bottom of the terrarium (You can pick small stones from your backyard and save a bit of money here!) Now, Put a one inch layer of stones in the bottom of your terrarium; fill the container about a third full of potting soil; arrange the plants in your terrarium; once you’re sure of the plant layout/arrangement fill the container with a little more soil (to around the half full mark) and gently tap it down so it is firm and the plants are supported; water moderately then put the terranium in a place with occasional sunlight.

Frosted Candle Lantern - To make it Plain Frosted: Take some Glass Etching Spray (available at most DIY / Hobby Craft Stores) and spray coat the entire external surface of the jar. Alternatively, to make it Pattern Frosted: Cut pieces of paper label sheet into the desired shapes / letters then stick them to the jar surface. Spray the outer surface of the jar with Glass Etching Spray to coat. Leave the jar to dry, once fully dry, remove/peel off the sticky labels to reveal the unfrosted glass, leaving a visible contrast pattern. To add a Handle: Take some sturdy (1mm) jewellery wire (also available from most Hobby Craft or Beading Stores) and cut a length, enough to fit around the neck of the jar with some extra for loops. Wind the wire securely around the neck of the jar. Fashion two loops, opposite each other, by twisting the ends of the wire; trim off any excess wire. Cut another length of wire and bend it into a rounded handle then thread each end through a loop and twist to secure. Now you have a tea light / small candle lantern! :D

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