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itsgrrrlgerm asked: Haha see my cupcakes, youre filthy! :P jokesies! Ohh i love meringe icing! I have posted a few on here theyre never AMAZING but I love em haha xx

heres most recent! http://itsgirlgerm.tumblr.com/post/3471282297/cupcakes-i-made-today-for-a-customer-white-choc

They look awesome, Sweetie! I love coming up with ideas for combos and themes; my sister bakes cupcakes a lot too but I’m planning on using my creativity to make themed jewellery, then I’ll work on opening an Etsy shop :D And, oh yeah, I can be filthy *shrugs* but you’re gorgeous, can’t resist it haha :p *mwah* Take it easy, Cupcake Queen xx

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