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It’s Not What It Looks Like…

This isn’t a blog post in it’s base sense, it’s a blog note, a public proclamation that that I am indeed working on posts at the moment and shall be revealing said whatchamacallit’s soon.

I’ve got the ‘Hot List' on it's way, much like my previously posted 'Favourite Fictional Geeks List: Part 1' and 'Favourite Fictional Geeks List: Part 2’, this will feature my personal celeb/media related crushes in list format (with photos) :p

Also I’m going to do a ‘what’s been on my mind lately' sorta post.

Possibly a few music related bits and pieces - inc. a list of my favourite albums to date and I’m sure a subject focused playlist or two couldn’t hurt ;)

Besides that, I think I’ll post about my tattoo ideas, which I’ve been pondering and gathering for years; I’m considering them a lot more lately cause I’m hoping to get my first piece of ink fairly soon.

I’m sure I’ll think of another few more interesting snippets to share. Like I said, this blog is kinda just my journal / scrapbook so it might seem pretty lame. *bites lip*

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