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The Best Intentions…

I had intended to begin blogging regularly again - In fact, I’d never really intended to stop, but you know, you let a couple days go by and then another couple and next thing you know it, blogging goes right out of your head. I’ve been very busy with college since the tail end of last year it sorta took over and well, I did get a Kindle for Christmas, which has somewhat hindered my desire to do anything besides read. I also have a massive stack of comics and access to hundreds of films, tv series, etc. so I’m pretty much set. I did realise that I began to put off blogging because I just don’t have the compulsion to share every detail of my life, it’s not interesting enough and the direction my blog took was not intentional so… lets try again!

I’m thinking it might be better, seeing as I read so much and watch so much, to blog about entertainment - misc. books, comics, films, tv shows, etc. maybe even music as a sideline. There’s maybe someone out there who’ll discover something new that they’ll enjoy and I suppose I do keep a record of everything I watch / read anyways (yes, I know how lame that seems haha)

So, hopefully I’ll pop back in the not too distant future to talk about the stuff that has been entertaining me throughout last year and in the more recent months :)

Til then, take care out there, whatever you are! xx

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