G33k - Chic - uNiQuE.

This Is Morgan...Read Me Like A Book.

The Life List

Build Up My Own Library
Buy books regularly (even if 2nd Hand) and get magazine every month (Cosmo).

Learn Other Languages
Possibly: Italian, Portuguese, German, Gaelic.

Write Book & Series of Short Stories
A variety of genres (eg. Drama, Erotic, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Fairytale).

Keep Scrapbooks
Work on and finish personal projects (Scan & Edit Photos, Research/Design Page Layouts, Plan & Purchase for Certain Number of Pages at a time [eg. Per Month]).

Learn to Make/Customise Clothes & Accessories
Specifically, Learn to Knit (Make my own jumper and/or cardigan), Learn to Sew and Use Machine (Copy favourite items in new materials).

Build Up Online Boutique / eBay Account
Use other skills / items to become an online Boutique - ie. Sell own ‘Hand-Made’ items alongside gathered items (inc. 2nd hand / vintage / retro pieces).

Learn to Play Guitar & Record My Own Album/EP’s
Save to Buy Electro-Acoustic, Practice Regularly, Learn Songs, Write, Record Tracks &/or Videos, Post Online. (Get Good – Play Open Mic Nights, Possibly Small Festival Spots for Fun!)

Travel / Go To…
Visit Uncle Jimmy & Auntie Ella in Portugal; Visit Different Greek Islands; Go to France (Poss. South, Cycling); Visit Various Locations In Italy; Go on Shopping Trips to Both London & New York; Go to Prague in Winter; Stay in a Chalet in a Remote Place During Winter; Go to Amsterdam; Visit Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, New Jersey, California, Las Vegas… Numerous places across USA.

Learn to Like & Work with ‘What I’ve Got’
Dress Well for My Size/Shape, Wear More Colour/Textures & Accessories, Shop & Update/Add to Wardrobe More Often.

Learn to Drive
Possibly not let on and just surprise my family when I’ve passed my test.

Buy / Own A Classic Car
Something with character and a history.

Be Problem-Debt Free
Become totally independent and self-sufficient, ie. Pay my family back, get into a stable situation with no more borrowing needed.

Grow Plants in a Window Box or Interior Planter (Maybe a Bonzai Tree).

Buy & Receive Flowers Someday.

Learn to Cook / Bake Well & Have Dinner Parties.

Host Games Nights (Board/Card/Video Games with Drinks & Snacks)

Play Console Games Regularly & Complete A Whole Computer Game.

Get a Healthier Routine
Attend Gym Frequently, Eventually Go Swimming Regularly Too ; Also Develop Overall Better Eating Habits.

Get My Dream Home & Live Well
Small Cottage/Bungalow in Quiet Area with Modest Garden to Front & Back, Conservatory or Small Summer House to Rear; With Two Good Sized Double Bedrooms, One Pref. with Ensuite WC & Shower, Study/Craft Room/Library/Music & Games Room, Large & Well-Equipped Kitchen, Dining Area, Comfy/Cosy Living Room, Bathroom with Shower (Maybe Have A Miniature Short-Haired Dachshund as a Pet).