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MY Definition of ‘Geek’ (Nerd & Dork)

Okay, so everyone has their own definition, different people tend to designate different traits or standards to the terms Geek, Nerd and Dork. So we get things straight and you know where I stand on this particular subject, here are MY definitions:

NERD: I personally think a Nerd is closer to a Geek than a Dork, someone who is intelligent and has practical skills and/or knowledge but perhaps lacks charm, social skills and natural human connection - a little emotionally colder, more methodical and subject focused than a Geek.

DORK: I take Dork to mean someone who has lots of general knowledge, usually trivia but weighing up with less common sense or practical skills as a result, therefore they tend not to be as useful to society as a Nerd or Geek, also their oddness and inability to engage in subtle communication tends to alienate people.

GEEK: I think a Geek is someone who is intelligent and thinks creatively, assimilates information and openly seeks knowledge, but is generally really enthusiastic and passionate about a particular subject or just about everything they’re interested in. I also think that Geeks are different and set apart from their other brethren in that they do possess keen social skills, people may find them a little odd but they’re generally easier to relate to in some respects, easier to communicate with and very useful people to know.