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I ♥… (December 2010)

This month I’ve mostly been considering the new year ahead; in 2011, I plan to ‘get out more’. Knowing that, when I’m wandering around day-to-day, I find it comforting to have everything I need right there with me, I’ve been looking for suitable bags for a variety of uses.

Here are some of my faves…


I wanted a black everyday bag, that I could carry my Mini Dell Netbook in, I could wear cross body or carry, and perhaps customise with bag charms and/or keyrings. This seems ideal…

Black Skull Embossed Kit Bag by Loungefly @ $75 / £48 - Available via Loungefly.com or associated retailers.


I’m hoping to start going to the Gym regularly in 2011 so I was hunting for a reasonable sized gym bag and found this…

Ghettoblaster Weekend Bag @ TruffleShuffle.com for £30 - totally my style, can picture myself holding it above myself in an epic Say Anything fashion :p


I also wanted a cool comic book style messenger bag for out and about, so I found this Batman one featured on a few sites; it’s a good size and though colourful, it has an understated retro edge too. It keeps pulling me back in…

Batman Messenger/Record Bag @ TruffleShuffle.com for £25


Although I don’t have any specific need for a bag like this, I can’t help but want it; it’s just too cute as I’m sure you’ll agree…

Hello Kitty Plush Head X-Body Bag @ HotTopic.com for $38 / £25 approx.


Also I’m going to try personalising my bags, give it a try with…


This is just a cute wee keyring, great for a big slouchy leather holdall or satchel…

Zombie Hello Kitty Plush Keyring from HotTopic.com @ $8 / £5 approx.


And if that doesn’t take your fancy maybe…

Lisa Simpson Plush Keyring from Plush-Toy.co.uk @ £6


Or there’s always…


These are sold in ‘Lucky Dip’ style Blind-Boxes so you never know for sure what design your gonna get, kinda exciting…

'Things That Hurt' Zipper Pulls - Available @ KidRobot.eu for approx £2.75 each

'Yummy Breakfast' Zipper Pull Keychains - Available @ KidRobot.eu for £4.50 each

Go check out the website for more lines!!


Alternatively make or buy…


So easy, just jazz up some keyrings/keychains, or a whole bunch if you fancy, by using patches, adding wee pom poms, lots of colourful ribbons, charms, beads and leftover chains, like these typical Paul’s Boutique versions:

Paul’s Boutique Charms usually come free attached to their signature bags or can be bought for £15 a pop! Come on you Crafty-DIY Girls, we can do better!!


And style your Key Bunch with…


Awesome little rubber toppers to customise and make your keys easily distinguishable.

I personally love these ones by Loungefly….

Keycaps available @ Loungefly.com or check online for stockists - approx. $5 / £3.25 each


In my search for suitable bags and decoration, I also began to look for the contents; just little bits and pieces I tend to find useful or handy - perhaps you might too!

Here are some items I covet at the moment:


Just a good idea, plain and simple! I particularly like this…

Zombie Hello Kitty Design Water Bottle @ £4.50 from HotTopic.co.uk - Bargain!


Also loving this…

Zombie Juice Water Bottle from Neatoshop.com @ $11.95 / £7.65 approx



Can’t decide between these two pairs, what do you think?

Marvel X-Men Headphones by Coloud @ Truffle Shuffle for £35 


Or these….

Marvel Wolverine Headphones by Coloud @ Truffle Shuffle for £35 

The Coloud.com site has loads of awesome designs so check it out if you want to see more!


I’m also loving these handy little bag staples….

Classic Horror Monster Mirror Compacts from Dungaree Dolly @ $5 each - so kreepy kitsch!

Please Note: Dungaree Dolly is a total gem! The lovely lady makes a range of fantastic bags and cute as hell eyeglass/specs cases and cosmetic bags to order in a range of fabrics - Check out her site: DungareeDolly.com!


Tresemme Mini Paddle Brush - £3 @ Boots.co.uk


Cupcake Scented Wipes @ Hawkins Bazaar - Only £1!


'Sniff' Design Print Tissues - Available @ CompanyToo.com for approx $1.59 per 10 pack 



A6 Size Neon Poly Spiral-Bound Notebooks in Neon Pink and Neon Purple @ just 99p each! Also Uniball Gelstick Pens in Pink or Purple @ just 45p each! from Ryman's.


Fantastic Mini-Moisturiser! Palmers Coco Butter Mini @ Superdrug - Only £1!


Fat Balm by Eyeko @ £6 per stick - Available in a range of flavours/shades - for more see: Eyeko.com


Batiste Dry Shampoo - Available in a variety of scents and can designs from approx £2 @ Superdrug - or try Bodycare, if you have a store near you, cause they’re cheaper!


Mini ChupaChups Grab-Bags - available in most supermarkets for approx 50p per pack (5 wee lollies per pack - various flavours) - great to calm those on the go munchies or for travel sickness!


Pocky Sticks - A great little handbag snack! Biscuit sticks dipped in a sweet chocolate coating - Available in various flavours for approx £1 per pack @ Artbox.co.uk (who also do have a brilliant range of stickers and letter writing papers).